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What is BeReal? The fashionable social network

What is BeReal? BeReal is an application created in 2020, but it was not until 2022 that it began to go viral, with more and more users sharing their activity. 

The aim of this social network is to seek authenticity in people. To flee from all the posturing and falseness that is behind many of our profiles and that ultimately generates a feeling of rejection, impotence and depression in society. How can she always look so beautiful? He’s on the road all day!

The aim of this social network is to present ourselves as we are in a spontaneous way.

How does it work?

The application is really simple. You can only publish once a day and only when the application notifies you to do so. What is this like?

The idea of the application is to create the “Time to be real”. Everyone receives this notification at the same time. You have 2 minutes to take a photo. This will apply to both the rear and front cameras. 

This way you won’t have too much time to do your make-up, to prepare the best plan, the best location. Nothing of the sort. Show yourself as you are at that very moment.

Once the photo is ready we add our caption and that’s it! From now on you will be able to react to your friends’ posts through selfies or comments. 

Here are the links so you can download the application and start sharing your real life.



What do you think about this app? Do you think the world needs a little more naturalness and less facade? 

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