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Why should I keep my phone up to date?

Technology is advancing rapidly these days, and what was new 12 months ago is now outdated. This is the main reason why I need to keep my phone up to date. When mobile phones entered our lives, they were made to call someone, and in most cases only in emergencies. Now we use them as an appendage, and we can’t live without them.

So how do you know when to update your phone? Simply put, you can’t do the basic tasks you need with your extra appendage, your phone, like sending emails, making phone calls, or downloading apps.

These are some of the reasons why you should think about upgrading your phone.

1. Your operating system does not work

Both Apple and Android constantly update their software. Apple calls their software iOS and Android names theirs after a different dessert (Google it). The newer phones are compatible with the update so that you can benefit from the latest software versions, tested and developed with modern conveniences. While this new software is great for most, older phones will become incompatible with current operating systems and gradually start to lose their core functionality.

2. Your phone is slow

This is one of the least thought of when considering buying a new phone, versus keeping your old one. Without getting too technical, your phone should be powered by a quad-core processor instead of a dual-core one. The performance will be better.

If you have a slow and underpowered processor, your phone will be slow. It gets stuck with opening apps, constant connections and long usage. Trust us, this will only lead to frustration.

If your phone doesn’t have a quad-core processor, it might be time to buy a new one.

3. Your apps don’t work

Like your operating system, you need a phone that supports app updates. If you have a newer phone, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your phone will be compatible. With an outdated phone, you may have trouble updating an app on your phone or downloading a new one. Then you know it’s time to buy a new phone.

4. You can’t use the latest technology on mobile

There are plenty of phones that are only optimized for 3G. Meanwhile, the telecommunications industry is constantly replacing outdated cellular technology with newer and more advanced options. In recent years, mobile phone companies have moved from 3G to 4G. And now 5G is preparing to be the new norm.

This means that older phones that don’t support these new updates and technologies will suddenly become obsolete. Talk about frustrating connection issues and poor performance – not the experience you want.

But while cellular technology seems to be evolving faster than ever, you can stay ahead simply by upgrading your phone. Switching to a phone that is at least 4G capable will ensure better coverage, faster data speeds, higher quality calls, and much more.

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