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Frequently Asked Questions

Fiber Optics

Axarfusion's fibre optic network is and is not dependent on other operators.
If you prefer, visit Axarfusion and the Customer Service team will inform you if you can enjoy our service at home.

We guarantee 600Mb symmetrical on all our fibre connections.
For specific cases we can provide up to 1Gb speed. Don't forget to contact us on 951 83 33 33 33 to discuss the possibilities.

It's easy! Check your coverage, choose the tariff you want on our website. Once you have filled in the requested information, you must attach a copy of a receipt and a photocopy of your ID card on both sides.

You can also sign up for your tariff on 951 83 33 33 or at one of Axarfusion's offices where they will tell you how and when to send the necessary documentation to start enjoying Axarfusion's fibre optic.

Our technicians will have everything installed as quickly as possible. Including Axarfusion Wifi Router! We will call you to arrange a date and time that suits you. The installation time is 14 days, but we are usually very fast and you will have your fibre up and running within 2 to 5 days. We will, of course, contact you beforehand to make an appointment.

Find all the details to access your Axarfusion Fiber on the back of the Axarfusion Wifi Router.

Check the speed of your connection with the Speed Test developed by Axarfusion especially for you. Before doing so, follow some of our recommendations so that the result is as effective and reliable as possible: perform the test by connecting the cable to the device, close all open programmes and do not forget to deactivate the antivirus. Go to Speed Test

Once you have contracted the Axarfusion service and the relevant installation has been carried out. You must request cancellation from your current operator. You must confirm that all our contracted services are working correctly and take into account the following:

You can keep your default telephone number - both mobile and landline - but you can request a number change if you wish.

The duration of the portability change varies depending on the services you want to change and usually takes between 48 and 72 hours after the installation of the Fibre Optic.

Fibre optic is an advanced technology that offers faster surfing speeds and a more stable connection than ADSL. Fibre is composed of glass or plastic wires that are responsible for sending light signals, while ADSL is composed of copper wires. Fiber optics allows you to enjoy multimedia content such as videos or high-definition television in the highest quality.

Axarfusion has a fibre optic deployment network, specifically FTTH (Fiber To The Home), a type of network that accesses directly to your home without losing speed. Another advantage is that fibre-to-the-home technology is immune to electromagnetic interference because these fibre cables carry photons of light rather than electrical currents.

If it is necessary the installation of pipes, gutters, works to achieve the installation, this work and material is not included in the FREE INSTALLATION. A separate quotation will be provided without obligation.

Our rates have no installation cost and include the Axarfusion Wifi Router. If you unsubscribe from the service, you should return the router. If you do not do so, you will have to pay up to 133 euros for the cost of this.

If you need more wifi routers to increase the range of your coverage in your area, you can request a quote.

No! You will have to unsubscribe from your current operator due to legal issues.

We recommend doing this once the fibre installation has been completed or all mobile or landline services have been contracted and are active, to avoid being left without a line.

Call 951 83 33 33 33 and we will guide you through the process. If you prefer, visit your nearest Axarfusion office and we will modify the information in your contract.

At Axarfusion there is no permanence, so you can leave whenever you want. Our aim is that you will always be happy with our service. You can terminate the contract by calling 951 83 33 33 and follow the procedure outlined by our customer service.

To request a change of tariff, either to increase your service or to modify it, you can call 951 83 33 33 or send us an email to This change may apply conditions in some cases.

Send us an email to or call 951 83 33 33 33 during Customer Service hours and we will inform you in detail about our TV content service.

Send us an email to or call 951 83 33 33 33 during Customer Service hours and we will inform you in detail about our TV content service.


  1. The activation process of your SIM, whether it is a new SIM or a duplicate, will be carried out within 48 working hours after the transfer from your previous company.
  2. Within this period you will receive an SMS telling you the date and time to switch from your old SIM to the new Axarfusion SIM.
  3. At that time you will have to make the change. So that you are not left without a network when you need it most, portability will take place in the early hours of the morning and until then you will be able to continue using it.
  4. When the process has been completed, you will be notified and you will be able to insert the new SIM. We recommend switching the SIM card by switching off the mobile and switching it on again with the Axarfusion SIM card.
  5. You can make a call to check that your SIM is activated correctly.
  1. Insert your SIM, whether it is new or a duplicate, into your mobile and the activation process will be carried out automatically.
  2. You can make a call to check that your SIM is activated correctly.
  3. In rare cases, activation does not occur immediately. Visit our office if this happens or call 951 83 33 33 33.

To set up the internet on your mobile you must configure the APN. In Axarfusion the APN configuration is automatic, but if you are going to travel abroad you must configure it.

If your device has Android operating system: XXX

If your device has iOS operating system: XXX

Did you know that "roaming without surcharges" exists within the European Union? Calls (to mobiles and landlines), text messages (SMS) and data services are charged at the same rates as in the country of residence.
If you receive a call or text message during your stay abroad, you won't have to pay any additional costs either.

Find out everything you need to know about roaming and international calls. Remember that in order to enjoy internet abroad, you need to have your APN configured. Find out how to do it in the links above.

Roaming charges vary depending on the destination area. Check the roaming conditions and tariffs by zone by clicking here.

Unlimited calls do not include calls to premium rate services such as 90X numbers and the like. These calls will be priced and charged separately, in addition to the contracted monthly fee. We are available for your queries before you make these calls.


You can do this by going to

Don't remember your credentials? Send us an email to

You can do this by going to Don't remember your credentials? Send us an email to

You can send us an email to info@axarfusion.escon informing us of the change and enclosing a copy of your bank receipt.

Installation & Technical Support

To change the configuration of your router you must follow the steps below:
Be connected, either via cable or Wifi.
Open in the browser of any device the address.
Enter the access data on the back of your router.

You can also call 951 83 33 33 for help.

The router should always be placed away from objects, in an elevated position and away from heat sources. In order to reach the whole house, it must be placed in a central location.

The first thing to do is to check the coverage of your new address. To do so, please contact our customer service or fill in our web form. Our team will inform you of the steps to follow.

Do you want to boost your Wifi signal? Here are some recommendations on how to achieve this easily:

  • Place the router in an elevated location away from heat sources.
  • If you have a dual-band router, it is also useful to know when to connect your devices to the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

You can also visit our website for more tips.

Customer Service

Contact with

Don't worry, we are here to help you with everything you need. Our technical team is ready for any incident you may have.

Write to us at

Call us at

Telephone attention: M - F (9:30h - 19h) S (10h - 13:30h)

Technical Service Available


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