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Configure your mobile's APN

What is it and what is it for?

What is APN?

APN son las siglas de Access Point Name (nombre del punto de acceso). This is the setting that tells your mobile phone which virtual path to take to connect to the Internet.

Most commonly, the internet settings are configured automatically when you insert the SIM card into your mobile phone and you don't have to do anything.

However, some phone manufacturers do not allow automatic remote configuration: Xiaomi, OnePlus, Lenovo, Nexus range, Asus and some Motorola and HTC models.

If your mobile phone is one of these, you will need to set it up manually by following the instructions below.

Automatic APN Configuration

We can configure our APN automatically by accessing the following button.

1. Select the operating system: iOs or Android.

2. Add your phone number

3. You will receive an SMS with a PIN. Use it in the next SMS you receive.

4. You will receive a link to download the autoconfiguration application. If a PIN is requested, the keypad's own unlock pin.

Configure on Android

On 95% of Android phones it is auto-configurable. But there are cases where it will be necessary to install it. Reasons:

- Your device has an APN from a previous provider. (You must delete it and reboot the phone)
- You go abroad and you have to set it up manually.

How to configure it?
- OPTION 1: Contact Axarfusion support and we will help you to install it.
-OPTION 2: Install it manually.

1. Select SIM Card and Mobile Networks
2. Select the SIM that you have activated.
3. Select the Access Point Name (It can be called APN, depending on the device).
4. Add New APN.
5. Modify the fields: Do not add the quotation marks "_".
Name: "Axarfusion".
APN: "lcrinternet"
APN Type: "default,supl,dun"
MVNO Value:" 21403x"

Configure on iOS

1. Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to a network available for browsing.

2. Access this website with Safari (only through this browser).

3. Click on this button. To download the APN profile.

4. Visit Settings. Access the options under: Settings > General > VPN and Profiles.

5. Install Profile. Click on the downloaded profile and install it.

If you travel abroad you will sometimes have to restart this process on your return. Delete the profile and re-add it by following the steps above.

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