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Tips to improve your wifi

Is your internet connection not working properly? Try these tips to improve your connection.

Adjusts the


If your router has external antennas, place them upwards: at right angles or in a V-shape. This will give you more transmission range.

Place it in a

Good position

Place your router in an elevated position, whether it has external or internal antennas. Don't hide it and avoid obstacles. Choose how to connect your devices: by entering the Wifi connection parameters (name and password) or by WPS (Request WPS activation from the office).

Wifi networks


Check the Wifi coverage on your device and how far you are from the router. If you are close by and the coverage indicator is low, this may be due to signal attenuators. It is recommended that you use the 5G signal when you are in the same room as the router or adjacent rooms.

Connection by


Use an Ethernet cable: For maximum speed. To connect your older devices to avoid reducing the performance of your Wifi.









Number of

Connected devices

Turn off devices that are connected via Wi-Fi and that you are not using so as not to saturate the network. You can get more speed if your device:

    • It has the latest updated operating system version.
    • It is more modern or high-end.
    • SgHz technology, has higher speed and stability against interference, although minor scope.



Your neighbours' Wifi networks may be the cause of possible interference in your Wifi. Some devices in your home also generate interference. Move them away from your router or turn them off if you don't need them. It is recommended to reboot the router once a week by turning off the power for 20 seconds to help avoid interference and improve performance.

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