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800 numbers. How much does it cost me to call an 800 number?

There are many times when we are going to make a call and we find that the telephone number begins with 800, which raises the question of whether the 800 number is free or whether we are going to be charged for calling this number.
Due to the latest labour reform of the General Law on Consumers and End Users, basic service companies such as hospitals, energy or financial companies must have a free 800 or 900 telephone number.
However, despite this, all other 800 prefixes have not been banned from applying extra charges, so you have to be especially careful when you see a call from a number starting with 801, 803, 804,….
Next, we will analyse the 800 prefixes so that the next time you want to call a number with this prefix you will really know if you are going to be charged or not. Let’s get started!

Paid 800 numbers

As we have already mentioned, the 800 prefix is completely free, however, if you try to call another 800 prefix, you may be charged a special rate. There are a large number of 800 prefixes, the most common of which are discussed below.

Number 807

Numbers starting with 807 are from companies. If you call this number you will be charged a special rate of around €1.50 per minute.

Number 803

This prefix is related to erotic lines so the cost per minute is very high. However, the call cannot be extended for more than 30 minutes by law and you must contact your operator to get permission to call this prefix.

Number 806

806 numbers are associated with entertainment services such as radio, television programmes,… and there is no way to call an 806 number free of charge. As for the price, this changes depending on the fourth digit of the number, the higher the number the more expensive the cost will be.

Numbers 801, 802 and 805

In this case the fixed 802 belongs to tarot and teleshopping companies. The cost of this call cannot exceed €0.65 per minute.
In short, whenever the number does not begin with 800, we must check beforehand whether it will charge us a special rate, and also bear in mind that there is no distinction between the services of 800 and 900 numbers, so the same applies to this other prefix. If you want to know the special rates and which are the free 900 numbers, click here.

At Axarfusion we don’t want you to be ripped off, so if you sign up for any of our tariffs you can disable the option to call premium rate numbers so you don’t have to worry about being charged. We have a wide range of rates, take a look at our website and choose the one that suits you best. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us!

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