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dos personas mayores sonriendo con un movil para mayores

Which mobile phone is best for older people?

We communicate more and more via mobile phones. For this very reason, having a mobile phone nowadays has become essential. New technologies are linked to young people, but did you know that there are also products adapted to the needs of an older audience? Yes, and the telephone is one of them.
At Axarfusion we take care of all our clients, regardless of their age. We believe that age is simply a number when it comes to using technology. The important thing is to have as much information as possible to know how to use it.

What to consider when choosing a mobile phone for an elderly person?

It is important to be aware that in most cases, older people are new to technology and have certain characteristics that make it more difficult for them to adapt, such as poor hearing, poor eyesight or poor memory. Fortunately, there are terminals that meet these needs.
There are mobile phone manufacturers specialising in devices for the elderly, something we should be grateful for. What do these manufacturers think a mobile phone for the elderly should have? The following are the main characteristics that a terminal intended for this audience should have:
– It cannot be too big or too small, the size should be standard to make it more comfortable.
– The phone screen should be large for easy viewing.
– If it is touch-sensitive, it shall have the option of keyboard vibration.
– If it has keys, they should be as large and conspicuous as possible.
– It will always be better if the charger is a base charger.
– The battery should be optimal.
– There should be an option to enlarge the applications as well as the letters.
– For people with impaired hearing it is recommended to use a terminal with voice keys.
– SOS button.

What are the most common brands of mobile phones for older people?

The brands most used by older people are Alcatel, TTfone, Funker, Wiko, Samsung, SPC and Nokia.

Best phones for seniors

In this section we will show you a guide to the best products that we believe are best suited to the needs of the elderly.

Artfone C1

movil para mayores de marca artfone

This handset has a traditional shape, with a large keypad and a 1.77-inch screen. It does not have internet connectivity, but it does have Bluetooth and radio. The camera is 2MP and has an SOS button.
The best thing about this device is that it has a 1400mAh battery, so the battery can last up to 6 hours on calls. It also has a charging base.

SPC Stella 2

spc mobile for seniors

In this case the device has a flip-top design, the buttons and keys are very large and illuminated, and also have a high volume for better listening to conversations. It also uses remote intelligence as it can send push notifications to a specified number in case of inactivity, low battery or if there are missed calls.
The screen size is 2.4 inches and has a charging cradle as a charger.

Alcatel 2057

alcatel mobile for seniors

Like its predecessor, the Alcatel 2057 features a flip design with large buttons and a 2.4-inch display.
The device has a radio, music player and torch. The battery is 980mAh which allows you to talk for 7 hours on the phone. The charging connector is a universal Micro USB connector.

SPC Apolo

spc apolo mobile for seniors

Unlike the rest, this device is a smartphone, with internet access. It is a very user-friendly terminal thanks to its ”Senior Mode” with XXL icons and large fonts.
The call and hang up buttons are physical. The operating system is Android with access to the Play Store. In addition to all smartphone features, it also has an SOS button.

Funker C200 Comfort 4g

funker brand mobile for the elderly

It is a flip phone with a dual screen of 2.4 inches inside and 1.77 inches outside, so you can see the time and notifications without having to open it. The volume is very loud and the keys are large. It also has a powerful 1000Mah battery that can withstand several days of continuous use.

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