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Best Podcasts to listen to this year

Undoubtedly, podcasts are an entertainment format that is here to stay. Don’t know what a podcast is? We show you what it is and we also present you the best podcasts to listen to this year.

A podcast is an audio content, available through a file or streaming. The advantage of the podcast is that it is an on-demand format; the user listens to it when they want to. It is not like a radio programme that you have to listen to at an exact broadcasting time. You decide when and how you want to listen to it.

It can be heard on a variety of devices and this has helped to increase its popularity. Typically, the podcast addresses a specific issue in order to build a loyal audience. Many of these podcasts come from radio programmes that recorded their broadcast so that listeners could listen to them again later. There are now many productions outside the radio world that offer their programmes to the world through many applications.

You can listen to these programmes on all kinds of platforms:

– iVoox
– Spotify
– Podimo
– Youtube
– Audible
– Sound Cloud

Some of these platforms are paid and some are free. Most of the great podcasts can be listened to on most platforms. They play with the option of being able to listen to interviews and programmes weeks in advance, if you pay for the premium plan.

But what are the top podcasts to enjoy this year? As in everything that surrounds entertainment, there are different colours to suit different tastes. There are programmes on all kinds of subjects: current affairs, news, sports, nature, mystery and comedy. We encourage you to discover the ones you might like the most.

Thanks to Axarfusion’s internet service and unlimited mobile phone lines, you will be able to enjoy this content uninterrupted and in HD, as many of these programmes include video if you wish to activate it.

Below we share with you :

01. Nobody Knows Anything(Comedy)
Andreu Buenafuente and Berto Romero sit face to face, microphone to microphone, and improvise.

02. The Wild Project(Culture and Society)
Jordi Wild brings us talks on current affairs, sports, science, curiosities, philosophy, psychology, mystery, terror… and much more.

03. Curiosities of History (Historia)
Rome, Egypt, Greece… Get to know some of the most interesting moments in history.

04. Understand Your Mind (Psychology)
A podcast that has already become a real social phenomenon for psychology lovers.

05. El Sentido de la Birra (Interviews )
An interview programme where they tell their anecdotes and curious lives in a very colloquial and close way.

06. Las del Grupo (Humor)
Silvia Abril and Toni Acosta are friends and, when they don’t meet up to see each other, they call each other. And when they don’t call each other, they send each other messages. They have a group on Telegram that they invite everyone to join to talk, including you.

07. Por si las Voces Vuelven(Psychology y Humor)
Pódcast of the popular journalist Ángel Martín, in which he talks to popular personalities about their problems with mental health.

08. Estirando el Chicle(Humor)
Estirando el chicle is a comedy podcast that arose from Victoria and Carolina’s need to “crack on about all the things that outrage them”, according to the podcast’s own definition.

09. ¿Cómo Hacer que te Pasen Cosas Buenas? (Psychology)
Pódcast by psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estapé, in which she talks about and explains specific topics of the mind, behaviour and the emotional world.

10. Buenismo Bien (Current)
Henar Álvarez, Manuel Burque and Quique Peinado complain about current affairs and interview nice people. Politics, feminism and nonsense. A lot of nonsense.

We hope that this list will help you not to miss anything and that you won’t get bored. We assure you that you won’t be bored.

If what you need is a good data tariff to be able to listen to all these greatest hits on your mobile, you can do so by joining Axarfusión and signing up for one of the cheapest mobile data tariffs. ¿A qué espera?

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