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More for less

More for less - Goodbye to summer

It is now mid-September and the final stretch of summer is beginning. During these weeks we will be able to continue enjoying the last days at the beach. As every year, the collector’s items are back, the children go back to school and many go back to work, and we like to fill our tariffs with gigabytes.

From now on, the unlimited mobile tariff will increase its mbs speed and, of course, without increasing the price. I’m sure you already know that one by heart.

We have taken our tariff from 300mbs to 600mbs upload, the biggest upload we have done so far and 600mbs to 1Gb.
And always keeping the same way of doing things:

  • This upgrade applies to those of you who are customers first, without you having to do anything to activate it, call us or log on to our website.
  • Remember that with us you will not have permanence in our service.

Enjoy your symmetrical mbs so you can surf from home without worries.
These are the only surprises you will get at Axarfusion. Here you will have no surprises on your bill and no phantom penalties. At Axarfusion you won’t have any surprises or small print to get lost in.

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