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What is WiMAX? Rural Internet in the Axarquía

What is WiMAX? Rural Internet in the Axarquía

You’ve probably heard of WiMAX and all it can do for connectivity. WiMAX is a service we offer at Axarfusion. Thanks to it, we provide rural internet to all those areas where there is no internet coverage. In this post we explain its characteristics and advantages.

What is WiMAX?

In Axarquia there are a lot of people living in rural areas where there is no fibre optic option. Is there a possibility of bringing the internet to the countryside? Thanks to WiMAX we can do this. It is a wireless technology based on the transmission and reception of data via waves. With this option it is possible to bring quality internet to places where we cannot offer cable internet.
Axarfusion provides this service by installing repeaters in strategic locations. They allow microwave signals to be emitted, enabling the internet to reach them. Installation at the customer’s home is very easy. A small receiving antenna is all that is required. From there, it carries a cable that connects the inside of the house to a router that will convert this signal into wifi.

Who is WiMAX for?

The WiMAX internet service is ideal for all those people or companies that, due to their location, do not have fibre optic or ADSL coverage. Perfect for all those people who have holiday homes away from the population centres and who want to enjoy the internet for the time they spend there. Thanks to WiMAX they will be able to have access anywhere. Axarfusion offers this quality internet service at a low price for all the inhabitants of the Axarquia.

Advantages of WiMAX

Contracting through Axarfusion the WiMAX service has many benefits for you and yours.

  • No landline telephone installation required
  • Receive internet connection wherever you are. We go where others do not.
  • We go where others don’t. Technology with great protection measures, to make your connections secure.
  • Internet without browsing limits.
  • Navega con total tranquilidad durante 24 horas cuando quieras.
  • No band drop. Ideal for connecting multiple devices and consoles.
  • Tenemos nuestra propia red WiMAX y no dependemos de terceros. So you won’t have any connection problems.
  • Specialised maintenance service

WiMAX in Axarquia

Axarfusion specialises in bringing internet to all those areas where conventional companies do not reach. We focus on all those people who live in the countryside and have no internet access in the rural areas of the Axarquia. That’s why we want to offer the best WiMAX service.

In addition, Axarfusion has launched a special rate for you and your needs. Many people do not live continuously in these rural households. They sometimes use these places as holiday homes. So they don’t want to be paying for internet all year round and only enjoy it on weekends or in the winter or summer holidays.

That is why we have launched our temporary tariffs. Temporary WiMAX in Axarquia, an internet connection with the same quality, but without paying a monthly fee. You will be able to activate your tariff only when you need it. You will be able to activate your tariff only when you need it.

Do you want to sign up for WiMAX with Axarfusion?

Start enjoying WiMAX services today with Axarfusion, the rural internet of the Axarquia region. You can get more information through the following link and hire our services.

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