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Difference between Wi-Fi and mobile data

What is the difference between Wi-Fi and mobile data? Today we talk about the old debate: to use or not to use a mobile phone. The answer is quite simple if you remember a few tricks.

The main difference between Wi-Fi and cellular data (also called “mobile data”) is the way your device connects to the Internet. Mobile telephony allows you to access the Internet, apps, Twitter, Instagram, Google or your email from virtually anywhere. You just need to have a phone plan with a data allowance and be within range of a cell tower. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, only connects you to the Internet when you are near a router and connected to its network. We’ll get into the scientific details another time, but that’s basically all you need to know for now.

When to use Wi-Fi or mobile data?

You may want to use Wi-Fi if your cellular signal is not strong and you need a faster connection. We recommend that you use Wi-Fi when watching Netflix, watching YouTube videos, watching our owner’s movies or playing video games, as these activities can use up a lot of your precious data. It may also be a good idea to turn on Wi-Fi when you are at home, at school or at your workplace. In addition, the mobile phone consumes more battery power than Wi-Fi. In short: use Wi-Fi whenever you trust the network. Save data and money.

Does Wi-Fi consume data?

No. When you connect to a Wi-Fi server, you are conserving data. As we are in the golden age of the Internet, most homes, workplaces, shops and cafés have their own Wi-Fi networks to which you can connect. That’s why most people don’t need as much data on their phone plan as they might think. This is especially true for those who pay high bills to Big Wireless for unlimited data plans.

Given that there has been an increase in remote working, now might be the perfect time to assess how much data you really need. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi most of the time, you may want to switch to a cheaper, lower-cost data plan.

How do I activate Wi-Fi on my phone?

Enabling Wi-Fi on your phone is fairly straightforward:

Go to your phone’s settings application
Press the Wi-Fi icon. (It is usually located fairly close to the top).
Choose your network. You should probably only click on networks you are familiar with, to be on the safe side.
Enter the password.
Done. Now you can roam the web as you please.

When should I use mobile data?

Mobile data is very useful if you want to access the Internet on the go. You should enable mobile if your Wi-Fi connection is not strong or if you are concerned about the security of a Wi-Fi network. With Axarfusion, you’ll be connected to the largest network in the country, so you can access reliable mobile data on the move.

How do I activate mobile data?

Most phone models have a quick access panel that you can access by swiping down on the home screen. To activate mobile data from there, just make sure that the mobile data icon is activated. You can also activate mobile data from the settings menu:

Settings> Mobile > Mobile Data*.

You are now ready. Whether you’re on the train home, dying to listen to your favourite podcast in the car or uploading a selfie of the game from the stands, your mobile phone lets you access the Internet from anywhere.

All this knowledge allows you to choose how you want to connect. Whether you like to keep data or you like to stream, we have a plan for you. If you need help figuring out how much data you need, we have what you need.

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