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a man activating roaming on his mobile phone

How to turn roaming on and off

If in another post we explained how to transfer data from one mobile to another, in today’s post we will show you how to activate and deactivate roaming on your Android or iPhone device.
When we go on a trip, we usually prepare our suitcase and everything we plan to take with us on the trip, including our mobile phone. Generally speaking, we don’t have to worry too much about our Smartphone if it is working properly. However, there is a problem when we travel to a foreign country; we will not be covered by our company.
This is because the companies only cover the countries where they offer their services, but they make agreements with foreign operators so that no one is left without coverage. This is called roaming or data roaming.
Being without coverage and consequently without an internet connection is something that no one wants and can be a big problem nowadays. Thanks to coverage, we can contact our family and friends, work, run errands, and even pay with our mobile phones. That’s why Axarfusion will show you how to activate roaming, whether you are team Iphone or team Android so that you are always connected. Here we go!

Activar roaming Iphone

It is crucial that when we go abroad we have roaming activated as we could be in for a bad surprise on our bill. In addition to activating it on our Smartphone, we must also confirm it with the company.
Once we have confirmation from the company, the following cases should be followed:
– Go to Settings.
– Click on Mobile data.
– Under Mobile data, activate the Mobile data function.
– Go to Options.
– In this section we will activate the Data Roaming function.
Please note that on most Android devices, when roaming is activated, a letter R usually appears at the top of the screen.

Enable Android roaming

As in the previous case, before activating roaming on our device, we must contact our operator to confirm the activation of data roaming.
– Go to Settings.
– At the top of the page you will find the More section.
– Click on Mobile Networks.
– Activate the Data Roaming option.
It should be noted that throughout Europe, data roaming on Spanish carriers is included in the tariffs. However, if you intend to travel outside the European continent, these fares may change. On the other hand, you may have active roaming within your country because you have contracted a virtual mobile operator, in which case you will not be charged for it.
With this easy method we will have roaming activated on our Smartphone and we will be able to travel to any country without fear of being left without coverage, but remember to inform your operator beforehand. Have a good trip!

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