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What to do with old mobile phones?

You’ve been given a new phone, congratulations, what are you going to do with your old phone?

Whether you’ve switched mobile operators completely and want to start from scratch, or you’ve just switched to the latest generation device, you now have an old phone that you don’t know what to do with?

We understand, getting rid of electronics can be complicated. And while tearing it in half and throwing it in a public rubbish bin may make you feel like a movie spy, that option is not at all advisable.

After all, there are four things you can do with an old mobile phone: donate it, give it to a friend, sell it or recycle it.

Donate your old mobile phone

If that old phone still has some life left in it, consider donating it. Organisations such as Intermón OXFAM or Llamada Solidaria. These organisations will find a new home for that used phone. You can also check with a local association to see if they are willing to accept your donated device.

Give your old phone to a friend

Old phones are perfect for kids, or if you have a teenager who keeps complaining about their much older phone, your used phone can be a welcome upgrade. And if you are an Axarfusion user, you know that we believe in sharing the love. If it’s an unlocked phone you’re getting rid of, consider giving it to a friend so they can try Axarfusion for themselves. Don’t worry, it’s not a completely disinterested gesture. With our Friend Plan, they get a discount but you also get credit towards the purchase of your next plan.

Sell your old phone

If your old phone still works well, there’s probably someone who won’t mind taking it off your hands for the right price. There are multiple sites and apps such as Cedex, eBay, Vinted, Wallapop that make it easy to sell your old phone from the comfort of your new phone. Just make sure you reset everything completely so that you are not selling someone access to your banking application.

Recycle your old phone

If that old phone is too old for someone else to use, you can always recycle it. That would be good for the environment and would make a lot of people very happy. You can either reuse it yourself (e.g. by turning it into a cool belt buckle) or hand it in to an authorised electronics recycler.

Know before you throw away (your old phone)

I hope you didn’t stop reading this halfway through and get rid of your old phone without backing up all your data and doing a hard reset. Make sure you have successfully transferred your contacts and account information to your new phone (along with your SIM card, of course) and that any photos, videos, audio files, etc. that you want to keep are stored elsewhere. You can save them to a memory card or upload them to a cloud storage option such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Next, be sure to perform a full factory reset of your old phone, erasing any important data on the device. You don’t want one of the first emails you receive on your new phone to be an update about your recent identity theft.

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