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How many Mbps do I need to play online?

In our blog of the week we want to address to all gaming lovers and especially to those who are starting in the world. How many Mbps do I need to play online?

Many people come to our offices asking us for the best technical specifications of connection to be able to carry out their online games. 

The first thing we need to know is what is my internet speed?

In order to measure our connection we have created a tool that allows you to know several important aspects:

  • Download speed
  • Upload speed
  • Latency and Ping
Enter our Speed Test and activate it.
Something very important to take into account in our connection to be able to play the console is the latency and the Ping. This term refers to the time it takes for a data packet to be transmitted within the network (i.e. whether it is delayed or not) and ping is the measure used to measure latency. The lower the latency and ping, the better our connection will be.

How many megabytes do I need to play online?

This question will depend a lot on which video game you want to connect to the internet. But we appreciate that a minimum recommended speed of 100Mbps is needed, to ensure that we can play online without any problems.

What latency is recommended?

In order to enjoy a smooth and jerk-free connection, a minimum ping of 50-60 ms is recommended. This will prevent the famous lag. That feeling that everything is jumping or jerking. A very high ping does not allow us to watch the games run smoothly.

What type of connection do we recommend at Axarfusion?

At Axarfusion we are true gamers and we don’t allow ourselves to lose a game because of lag. That’s why, if you are like us, we recommend you to have a 300 Mb fibre optic. That means you are capable of transmitting 300 megavits per second. So you can connect between 4 and 7 devices without noticing that your connection has slowed down. You can get it through the following link: I want my 300Mb fibre!

What things can slow down your playing speed?

– Bad coverage: It is important that our Router is well placed (if our connection is by wifi). Here are some tips to help you improve your coverage.

– Server problems: Online games have their own servers from which all information travels. Occasionally these servers may be overloaded and the speed of play may not be optimal. On these occasions we will have to be patient, since everything will depend on the company fixing the server problem. 

– Poor internet speed: If you have a low Mbs connection, it will not be enough to be able to play. You will need to increase your connection in order to improve your experience. And Axarfusion is here to help you and see you win.

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