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Como grabar una conversación telefónica

How to record a telephone conversation

If in another post we talked about missed calls: where to find them and what to do if you don’t receive them, today we will show you how to record a phone conversation. If you want to know how to record a mobile phone call, we have good news for you: it couldn’t be easier.

Sometimes we want to record a call so we can listen to it again, whether for work, business or sentimental reasons, and although neither Android handsets nor iPhones have a built-in way to do this, there are some solutions.
Although the best smartphones have pretty much everything you might need these days, there are still a few missing features that we sometimes wish we had access to, and the ability to easily record a call is among the main ones. However, there are good reasons why this feature does not exist and yes, you guessed it, it has everything to do with privacy.

The Apple giant have so far refused to create a built-in recording option, but this is hardly surprising, as they have always had an impeccable track record when it comes to their privacy settings, which has certainly set the bar high for other companies. However, this does not mean that it is illegal. In Spain, you can record a telephone conversation on a landline or mobile phone as long as you are part of it, even without asking for consent.

The process of recording a call depends a little on your smartphone. Android consumers have it easier, but in today’s post we are going to show you several ways to record a phone conversation, whether you are team Iphone or team Android. Here we go!

How to record phone conversations on Android

For Android the most popular and effective application for call recording is Call Recorder.oid In this application you can choose what you want to record, i.e. your voice, the voice of the person you are having the conversation with, or both. You can also sync it with Google Drive to save your recordings.
In case you want to record conversations in WhatsApp or other similar apps such as Skype, Facebook, Telegran or Google Meet you can use other useful applications such as Call Recorder – Cube ACR.
Another slightly more rudimentary, but no less effective option is to put the call on speakerphone mode and record the conversation with any other device.

How to record phone conversations on Iphone

As we have already mentioned, Apple is very respectful of privacy and has very strict policies regarding the recording of phone conversations. The Iphone itself blocks the option of any kind of recording while on a call. However, the application developers have kept an ace up their sleeve; it will be possible to record if the recordings do not come from the system.
Although you should be wary of scam apps, there are numerous apps in the App Store that “offer” this service and are in fact a scam. HD Call Recorder is one of the applications that really records the phone conversation, and it works very simply, the application itself automatically saves the recordings on your Iphone.
From Axarfusión we hope that this information has helped you and we recommend that although consent is not necessary to record the screen, it never hurts to ask for it in case it happens.

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