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Missed calls: where to find them and what to do if they don’t reach you

Missed calls not showing up on your mobile? When you make a missed call, the operator is responsible for notifying the number that you have called. Each company should have a missed call service where the time, day and phone number of the caller is reported.
The notification of these calls should also appear even if our phone is switched off, out of coverage or even if we are on another call, i.e. it should always appear.

How can I view missed calls?

Once you turn on your phone, a notification should appear on missed calls, however, you may have disabled this option in your phone’s settings. In that case it should appear in the messaging application, as this notification appears as an sms from the company.

  • Missed calls, Red colour.
  • Answered calls, Blue colour.
  • Calls made (outgoing), Green colour.

How to view missed calls on a landline phone

It is very easy to see them on a mobile phone, but not so easy to see them on a landline phone, as they do not appear directly on the screen. The method of viewing missed calls varies from device to device, however, most will display a flashing light indicating that a call has been received and can be viewed in the phone’s call log option, which can usually be accessed at the touch of a button.

Why am I not receiving missed calls and how can I fix it?

Most likely your phone has the ”Do Not Disturb” option enabled or on the other hand, you may also have the option to not receive missed call reminders enabled in the advanced settings.
If your problem is not in any of these options, try deleting the data and the contacts cache through the settings or the last option is to contact your phone operator in case there is an error or you have some option disabled, or take your phone to a specialist to see what the problem really is.

How to recover missed calls?

Often when we access our messages to see who has called us, we unintentionally delete a missed call we wanted to see. Don’t worry, even if the device itself doesn’t have an option to retrieve missed calls, there are plenty of applications that can help you. Some of the most popular are:

At Axarfusión we know how important missed calls are to our customers, which is why we offer an impeccable service that we have yet to receive any complaints about. Likewise, to facilitate a solution to any problem we have a professional team that you can contact through a phone number that you can call or a whatsapp by which you can also contact us if it is more convenient for you, both are on our website. We’ll solve your problem in no time!
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