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person unlocking a sim card

Unlocking a blocked SIM card

Why is my SIM card blocked? Why do I get a blocked SIM card?

Why is my SIM card blocked? To release a locked SIM card there are three methods. Do you want to know them? Read on! When you buy a SIM card, what you get is a piece of plastic with detailed information about the operator, including PIN and PUK codes. The PIN is the abbreviation for Personal Identification Number (personal identification number), required to access the operator’s mobile network. The first time you insert the SIM card into your iPhone, you will need to enter the PIN code.

In order to access our mobile network we only have 3 attempts, and in the case that you spend these attempts your SIM card will be blocked. What do I do now, you ask? To unlock your SIM card, the PUK comes to your rescue. All you have to do is enter the PUK and you’re done! Remember that the PUK also has a limited number of attempts, fortunately in this case there are ten.

However, most people tend to discard the plastic after inserting the SIM card. This is where the problem comes in: how to unlock the SIM card without a PUK code? Is the SIM card permanently blocked?
There are three methods for unlocking a SIM card. Do you want to know them? Read on!

Call customer service

The first thing we recommend at Axarfusion is to contact customer service. Unfortunately the waiting times in this regard are very long, which is not the case for us. In addition to a telephone number, we have a chat (WhatsApp) where our agents will answer your questions immediately.

Unlock the SIM card through the company’s web site

The PIN is the abbreviation for Personal Identification Number (personal identification number), required to access the operador mobile network. All you need to do is open the official website of your mobile operator and log in with your credentials, and then you will see the PUK code in your profile.

SIM unlocking tools

If you don’t manage to unlock your SIM card with the two previous methods you can unlock it through different network unlocking tools such as iToolab SIMUnlock, this can set up your device for free and without losing your data, it is also very fast, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes. Another tool is Direct Unlock, which also works in a simple and fast way.
In short, people who still have their SIM package should have no problem accessing their SIM card. However, for those who don’t have it, all is not lost – there are other methods by which you can recover your card.
As a final tip, once you have the right PUK to unlock your SIM card, don’t be reluctant to write it down somewhere where you can easily find it later. It would not be a bad idea to save it on Google Drive.

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